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Indoor heat pump 
units Tengeo
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Tengeo DHW

  • Indoor heat pump unit

  • 210 liters non-potable stainless-steel water tank

  • Electric boiler as a back-up source

  • Management of the solar thermal system, recuperation, 3 temperature circuits and circulation without the need for any additional systems

  • Electronically controlled circulation pump for the most effective operation

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Tengeo HW

  • A complete indoor unit of an HW heat pump

  • Stainless steel tank is not included

  • Hot water production must be provided externally

Tengeo Heat unit is a compact, designed version of indoor units for air – water heat pumps, which use temperature of surrounding air. This unit comes in three versions – HW, DHW, AiHW and it is a suitable solution for new-build properties and also for reconstructions of buildings, where economical and ecological heating is essential. Indoor unit Eco One Heat contains all necessary components for effective heating or hot water production; and at the same time, it includes all parts essential for easy installation. One of the advantages of the color touchscreen is its intuitive controls.