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Energybox stores energy

for later use

Tengeo Energybox

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  • Three-phase hybrid inverter 10 kW

  • Battery storage LiFePO4 with high number of possible charge cycles

  • Complete electrical wiring of a photovoltaic power station

  • Energybox dimensions: 1640 x 595 x 700 (H x W x D)

  • 7” capacitive color touchscreen

  • Long battery lifespan

  • Very easy installation

  • Measurements in phases

  • Standalone (off-grid) operation

  • Weather forecast connection system

  • Heat pump management and ventilation management

  • Distribution network independence during blackouts

Tengeo Energybox – a three-phase hybrid unit with battery storage. The real solution of independence of your home. Energybox unit uses the principle of storing electricity gained from photovoltaic modules into its own battery storage, which allows your home to become partially or completely independent.
One advantage of this compact unit is its real independence from the distribution of electricity throughout your household. Thanks to our management software, which analyses current needs of the house and works with weather forecasts, it is the most effective management of produced electricity.
As one of the few, Energybox unit can distribute produced energy in individual phases, which prevents disadvantageous overflows into distribution networks. It simply does not happen that the energy you produce flows freely back into the network. Thanks to this unique solution of maximum energy utilization we can guarantee the return of your investments.
Modern unit design, its minimum need for space and well-arranged color display will not disturb the comfortable interior of your home. 

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