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Complete system of a heat pump, battery bank
and photovoltaic modules eligible for a specific grant
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Tengeo Energybox
The main challenge in using renewable sources of energy is finding the way to store produced energy. Photovoltaic modules produce electricity during the day when we are at work. But when we come home, effectivity of sunshine is already at its minimum. However, storing energy can easily solve this disadvantage. Tengeo Energybox not only stores electricity, it also smartly controls its use. Thanks to weather forecasts it can calculate whether to store energy or use it effectively as fast as possible.

Tengeo Energybox

Your last step towards energy independence.

Tengeo Heat

Sixth sense in heating.

Online App Tengeo Control

It is modern to have your house under control.
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Combination of a battery, heat pump and solar modules
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Active management based on weather
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Stores surplus energy to batteries
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Control your house easily